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Decouvrez nos accessoires de parachevement

Decorate, sublimate and perfect… your item

Our company aims to provide customers with complete development and production of their embellishment accessories for cosmetics and perfume, packaging and spirits industry.

We offer a broad expertise to our customers, using different technologies : chemical or laser etching, injecting mold, stamping… Our expertise associated with the various materials we use, and the different finishes we offer, allows us to care about your product from start to finish.

Distinction and elegance…

Whether you are looking for luxury ornaments in metal, personalized displays in acrylic, or decorative plates for perfume bottles, we will assist you from design to production, and play a key role in the development of your product.


Displays and merchandising solutions

Perfume caps

Adhesive labels in metal

Sheaths and cages in metal

Metal charms

Embellishment metal plates

Candle accessories

Adhesive seals

Impact-Emotion SARL
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